WhatsApp Working on Multi-Account Support: Managing Personal and Business Conversations Made Easier


WhatsApp, one of the world’s most popular messaging platforms, is working on introducing multi-account functionality to its app. Currently, users who want to maintain separate accounts for personal and business purposes need to create a second copy of the app. However, a recent discovery by WABetaInfo suggests that WhatsApp is developing a feature that will allow users to log into multiple accounts without the need for a second copy of the app.

The multi-account functionality was spotted in the latest WhatsApp Business beta for Android version Once implemented, users will be able to switch between different accounts from the settings menu within the app. This will be particularly beneficial for users who have dual-SIM functionality on their phones and are active on WhatsApp with both numbers. Managing conversations, notifications, and file sharing across multiple accounts will become much more convenient through the same app.

While it remains uncertain whether WhatsApp’s multi-account support will extend to companion devices, it is expected that the feature will first be introduced in the beta channel before a public release. Until then, users can refer to available guides on how to utilize multiple WhatsApp accounts on their phones.

It’s worth noting that rival messaging app Telegram already offers similar multi-account support, meaning that WhatsApp is catching up to its competition in this regard. However, WhatsApp has made significant strides in bridging the feature gap with its key competitors in recent times. The platform has introduced features such as Channels, message editing, Chat Lock, and more, demonstrating its commitment to enhancing the user experience and remaining competitive in the messaging app market.

source: WAbeta

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