WhatsApp Business Introduces New Tools to Reach Customers Easily

Meta has rolled out updates to the WhatsApp Business application, introducing some intriguing features. Recently, the platform gained the ability to provide a “click-to-message” ad option with predefined choices for customers. Today, as part of its ongoing efforts to bring new functionality to WhatsApp Business, we have some updates that will make business owners’ work easier.

WhatsApp has published an official blog post detailing these features. The first update focuses on WhatsApp Ads. Now, you can “create, buy, and publish” Facebook and Instagram ads directly from the WhatsApp Business app. This means that in the future, there will no longer be a need for a Facebook account to create ads. To get started, all you need is a verified messaging ID and a payment method.

WhatsApp Business - Facebook Ads

Simply design your ad, add your preferred payment method, complete the transaction, and you’re good to go! Once this step is done, your customers will be able to view your ad and click on it to engage with it. By clicking, they open a chat window that allows them to see the ad, ask questions, and make purchases then and there.

This image showcases the ability of WhatsApp Business users to streamline their business activities and schedule their messages.

WhatsApp Business - Facebook Ads

The next update comes in the form of Customer Reach for WhatsApp Business account holders. To help you establish quick connections with your customers and easily grow your business, WhatsApp Business will soon enable you to send personalized messages to potential customers. This will add a personal touch to your messages and ensure higher conversion rates. Let’s imagine you’ve created an ad for one of your products. When sharing this information with your customer, WhatsApp will include an automatically generated template where you can input the customer’s name before sending the message. This feature is particularly useful when addressing a specific customer.

Additionally, you can create personalized welcome messages based on different categories, such as VIP customers, new customers, pending customers, broadcast lists, recently interacted customers, and inactive customers. You can even schedule your messages using two predefined options and a custom time selector.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, announced these new features, stating:

“With over 200 million users, the WhatsApp Business app is introducing new features that allow small businesses to create Facebook and Instagram ads without a Facebook account and reach customers more effectively through paid messaging. We are excited to see how these tools will deepen customer relationships and grow local communities.”

These updates to WhatsApp Business provide valuable tools for small businesses to expand their reach, engage customers, and foster stronger connections through personalized messaging and advertising options.

Source: Meta

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