Thunderbird to Receive Major Update with “Supernova” Release

Mozilla is giving the popular open-source email client, Thunderbird, a major revamp with the release of the “Supernova” update. The update, expected to be released in 2023, aims to modernize the interface and add new features such as Firefox Sync, which will allow for synchronization between Thunderbird on computers and Android devices. While the update is still in the works, Mozilla has released a preview of the updated calendar, which includes customizable icons and colors, search filters, and improved event pages. The email portion of the update has not yet been revealed.

Thunderbird has long been a popular choice for email management due to its flexibility and wealth of features, but its interface has been criticized for being outdated and not user-friendly. The Supernova update aims to address these issues and give the service a fresh start. The updated calendar will include the ability to hide or delete columns for weekends, and users will be able to customize the appearance of the calendar to suit their needs. The tool bar will also be customizable, and new keyboard shortcuts will be available to improve efficiency. The event search engine will be enhanced with filters and moved to the right panel, and event pages will be modernized with key information, such as location and attendees, more prominently displayed.

While the release date for the Supernova update has not yet been announced, Thunderbird users can look forward to a refreshed and more modern email experience in the near future.

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