Thunderbird Sheds its Winter Plumage with a Major Update Named “Supernova”

thunderbird supernova

Mozilla has cautiously rolled out a two-stage deployment for the highly anticipated major update of Thunderbird, named “Supernova.” With the version number 115, this release marks “the beginning of a new era for Thunderbird.”

Mozilla Aims for the Stars with Thunderbird 115 “Supernova” After months of anticipation, the long-awaited major release of Thunderbird, numbered 115 and dubbed “Supernova,” is finally here. However, it is currently only available as a manual download. Users cannot update the Mozilla email client directly from its menus as the developers want to ensure everything is in order before opening the floodgates. Eventually, it will be possible to automatically transition from version 102 (or earlier) to version 115, allowing both versions to coexist temporarily.

What’s New in Thunderbird?

Apart from a brand-new logo, Thunderbird 115 brings a revamped interface to the venerable software. At first glance, the central three-column display may appear largely unchanged, but it has been given a more modern and organized feel.

Notable enhancements include a unified and dynamic toolbar at the top, a redesigned calendar and address book, improvements to the folder and tagging systems, and certain menu optimizations. The Application menu in the top-right corner now features a new system for adjusting the display density of the entire application with a single click. Accessibility has also been improved, with new keyboard shortcuts and reading options.

Furthermore, this new version will undoubtedly receive additional enhancements in the future, including Thunderbird Sync, which will prove useful when the Android version is released.

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