The Future of Thunderbird: A Look Ahead

New Thunderbird

Thunderbird is quickly approaching its 20th anniversary as a standalone email client and the release of Thunderbird 115 “Supernova” marks a major milestone for the project. Over the years, Thunderbird has grown to become an integral part of our lives, yet its future remains uncertain. As we look ahead to the next two years, let’s explore the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for Thunderbird.

The biggest challenge for Thunderbird has been its technical debt. Since it is built on top of Firefox’s architecture, any changes to Firefox can have a huge impact on Thunderbird. For years, the Thunderbird community has worked hard to keep up with the upstream changes in Firefox, but it has become increasingly difficult as the project has grown.

The lack of consistent updates and synchronization with Firefox has resulted in an inconsistent user experience and outdated user interface. To address this, Thunderbird is taking a more organized approach to development, with stricter roadmap and list of features and external contributions being evaluated more closely.

The team is also working on improvements to the UI and UX, such as a modern interface for new users and more customizable options for veteran users. Additionally, the team is focusing on developing services to generate revenue and increase sustainability.

In the next two years, Thunderbird will continue to face challenges, but they are committed to making the user experience more enjoyable and meeting the needs of their users. With the support of its dedicated community, Thunderbird can continue to be a vital part of our lives for many more years.


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