New WhatsApp Status Features Make Platform More Interactive and Secure

whatsapp new features

WhatsApp has just announced several new features for their popular WhatsApp Status feature. The updates promise to make the platform more interactive, easier to use, and more secure.

The most requested feature is the addition of emoji reactions to posts. Swiping up on a post will give you the option to choose from eight different emoji, including 😍,😂,😮,😥,🙏,👏,🎉, and 💯.

Private Audience Selector will allow users to pick who can see their statuses, with the option to show it to everyone, hide it from certain contacts, or only show it to specific people. WhatsApp has also added a ring around profile pictures in the chat lists, group participant lists, and contact info screens to make it easier to know when someone has posted a status.

In addition, links on status updates will now have preview images, so you can get a better idea of what the link is before you click. And lastly, Voice Status allows users to record and share voice messages up to 30 seconds on WhatsApp status.

WhatsApp is rolling out these new features over the coming weeks, and Mac users recently got immediate access to a Catalyst beta previously.


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