Microsoft’s One Outlook Email Client Now Available for Testing

Microsoft’s One Outlook email client has been in the works for some time, and it appears that the company is finally getting ready to release it to the public. Some users with Microsoft Professional or Education accounts have been able to download a pre-release version of the app, which is expected to eventually replace Outlook for Windows and macOS, Outlook Web, and the native Mail and Calendar apps on Windows. The new app is said to be lighter and simpler than previous versions of Outlook and more powerful than the built-in Mail app. It is also hosted online, as Microsoft continues to move its services to the web.

One Outlook is based on a web app and features many elements of the current Outlook WebApp interface. It is designed to be a universal email client for Microsoft, available on Mac, PC, and the web. The app is focused on collaborative work, with features such as Microsoft Loop components for automatic synchronization with Teams and the ability to pin emails to the top of the inbox or set reminders. The app also includes an adjustable time increment and multiple time zone support in the calendar. However, at this time it is not possible to use One Outlook to manage third-party email accounts or add new accounts.

A direct download link for the app has recently leaked, allowing anyone with a Microsoft account to try out the new email client. The interface for One Outlook is similar to the Outlook web app, but it includes some new features not found in the web version. These include message reminders to help users remember to respond to emails received earlier in the day, the ability to pin important emails to the top of the inbox, and the ability to add Cloud-stored files to an email by typing @filename. The app also includes Microsoft Loop components, which allow users to copy and paste blocks between Teams and Outlook for more efficient collaborative work. If, for example, a user inserts a table into an email, it will be automatically synchronized with any updates made in the emails to ensure that the most up-to-date version is always displayed.

One Outlook is still in development and is currently only available for testing by Office 365 users on Windows with Outlook as their default email client. Microsoft has not yet announced a official release date for the app, but it is expected to be unveiled at

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