Gmail introduces blue verified checkmarks for authentic senders


In recent news, it has been reported that blue verified checkmarks will soon be coming to Gmail. This new feature will allow users to easily identify and trust legitimate emails from verified senders.

The blue verified checkmark is a symbol that indicates the authenticity of the sender’s email address. It will be displayed next to the sender’s name in the recipient’s inbox, making it easy for them to know whether the email is legitimate or not. This is especially important for businesses, as it will help them to build trust with their customers and ensure that their emails are not being marked as spam.

image credits: Google

The verification process for the blue checkmark will involve sending an email to a specific email address, which will then be checked by Google’s verification team. If the email address is verified as legitimate, the blue checkmark will be added to the sender’s name in Gmail.

This new feature is just one of the many ways that Google is working to combat spam and phishing emails. With the increasing number of fraudulent emails being sent every day, it is important for email providers to take proactive measures to protect their users.

In addition to the blue checkmark, Gmail has several other security features that help to keep users safe. For example, it uses machine learning algorithms to identify and block potentially dangerous emails, and it also warns users when they receive emails from unknown senders or when an email contains suspicious content.

Overall, the addition of blue verified checkmarks to Gmail is a positive step forward in the fight against spam and phishing emails. It will provide users with an added layer of security and help them to identify legitimate emails from trusted sources. With Google’s ongoing commitment to improving email security, we can expect to see even more features and enhancements in the future.

Source: Google

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