Get the Most Out of Microsoft Teams with the Premium Version


Microsoft Teams Premium is Now Available: Prices, AI Features, and More

Microsoft has released a lot of new features for Microsoft 365, and among them is the availability of Microsoft Teams Premium, starting at $8.40/month (as listed on the official website). They have also announced new features for Microsoft Viva Engage and Whiteboard. Let’s take a look.

Microsoft Teams Premium Integrates ChatGPT AI Technology

The paid version of Microsoft Teams now integrates Artificial Intelligence, powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3.5. The first new feature is the intelligent recap. AI will now generate notes automatically to capture the key points from each meeting, as well as suggestions for actions to be taken during the meeting, as shown in the image above.

Meeting recordings will also be improved with the addition of personalized timelines that only the user can access. Currently, you can see when you joined or left a meeting, but many other markers are announced such as when your name was mentioned during the video conference, or when a shared screen was shown. Along the same lines, PowerPoint Live has been optimized and now includes an AI-powered chaptering which highlights the beginning and end of each part of a presentation.

Customization and Added Protection

Other features of Teams Premium include the customization of the visual design of meetings to match the company’s branding, allowing for greater brand recognition. Meeting settings are also customizable, allowing IT administrators to create templates for different types of meetings. Lastly, meeting settings are optimized to increase security. Restrictions on who can record the meeting are available, further protecting confidential data.

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