European tech actors are urging the Commission to act against Apple’s anticoncurrential policies.

Apple's monopoly

Several large European digital groups, including Spotify, Deezer and Proton, have signed an open letter to the European Commission urging it to act faster against the anticoncurrential policies carried out by Apple.

In their letter, they criticize the Cupertino firm for the obligation of app developers to resort to Apple’s own payment system with its excessive commissions, the artificial obstacles that prevent companies from freely communicating with their customers, the access restrictions of developers to their own user data and the capricious changes in the terms and conditions of service of the App Store. These restrictions hinder the development of companies and harm European consumers, the signatories emphasize, accusing Apple of enjoying a monopoly position on its mobile ecosystem and extorting exorbitant amounts from app developers.

The companies and organizations behind this initiative urge the Commission to act quickly and strengthen the Digital Markets Act (DMA). Spotify, Deezer and Proton have been at war with Apple for years and are trying to get Brussels on their side. Complaints were filed in 2019 and other European tech players, such as Epic Games and Elon Musk, are also in open conflict with Tim Cook’s group.

The open letter addressed to the European Commissioner for Competition expresses their frustration with the slow response. In short, Spotify and company want the European Commission to take faster action against Apple’s anticoncurrential policies and strengthen the Digital Markets Act (DMA). The response from the European Commission is still awaited.

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